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Do you want to write for us? Read the following recommendations below before sending your best concepts.

Our publication rule and regulations for travel writers:

  • Material must be unique, not duplicated or converted from other sites or blogs
  • The topic must be exciting, uncommon and intriguing
  • Your content should be at least 500 words, and if you are motivated even more, like 800+, 1000+..
  • Please pay attention to sentence structure, typing errors and structure when you are typing your post
  • And if you’re even a photographer or an beginner cameraman, you can deliver us your copyright-free images or video clips, if necessary to complete your article
  • Material must not contain sources to porn, or unpleasant and discriminatory terminology which may cause disappointment or problems to other users
  • Deliver post with the following structure only, doc or docx ms word format.

What you can write for us as a Travel guest blogger.

We agree to content which are relevant to Kerala only.

Your content should be under following categories.

  • Travel and Tourism
  • Lifestyle of Kerala people
  • History of Kerala
  • Health
  • Community Events of Kerala
  • Information Technology
  • Finance

If you have some other topics in your thoughts, please discuss with us via e-mail and we will be back to you if you can discuss it on our weblog.

How you will be benefited by writing for

  • A brief bio with your own picture.
  • Links to social networking profiles and your individual blog/ website
  • Improve your website / blog presence on search engine and social media
  • Your blog post will be seen by a large number of audiences world wide

Our rights:

  • Make some changes to your post which will easily fit to your writing style
  • Get into headlines, highlights, and inner or external hyperlinks which will be able to stimulate readers’ attention, but we will not place any marketing hyperlinks without your precise permission
  • Modify pictures to fit them to the site, or replace images you have sent to us which is appropriate with your writing
  • Reject any responsibility in the occasion that the information released on our webpages were duplicated and/or re-used by other sites and/or weblogs.

How to work with us?

If you think you have a content for our Blog, a tour story, any information about some locations in Kerala, or even a post with guidance and recommendation for tour, don’t wait, deliver it to us at the following email: with doc / docx word format only. We will evaluate it and, if we like it, we will post it on our blog and send you a author account too.

We are eagerly waiting to see your guest blog writing. Please send it to us!