Onam: The Popular Harvest Festival in Kerala

Onam is Kerala’s traditional festival that held for 10 days and it represents the homecoming of the legendary God Mahabali. It’s an event loaded with traditions and custom. Different types of events take place across the god’s own country for over two weeks. Here, we are going to discuss on Onam, where does it take place and how it has been celebrated. In Kerala, there are many Onam event destinations for you to have fun. Moreover, keep an eye out for amazing Onam pookalams (floral carpets) set out for the event. If you really want to be engaged in Onam celebrations, consider one of the unique travel offers provided by Kerala Travel and tourism.

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Onam Celebration Season:

Onam is organized in the starting of the 30 days of Chingam, the first 30 days of Malayalam Schedule (Kollavarsham). In Onam 2015, the most essential day of Onam (known as Thiru Onam) is on Aug 28. Traditions begin roughly 10 times before Thiru Onam, on Atham (August 19). Government of Kerala state has taken due observation of this nice and big event. It encourages Onam worldwide in a good way and enjoys ‘Tourist Week’ for Kerala during Onam celebrations. A large number of residential and international visitors check out Kerala to take part in Onam.

There are actually 4 days of Onam celebration in Kerala. First Onam will be on Aug 27, the day before Thiru Onam, while 4th Onam will be on Aug 30. Onam celebration is proceeding recently.

The Place Where It is Celebrated:

Onam is recognized in the state of Kerala, in the southern part of Indian. It is the greatest event of the season there. The most amazing celebrations take place in Kochi, Trivandrum, Kottayam, and Thrissur.

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According to the history of Onam, ‘Vamanamoorthy’ temple in Thrikkakara (also known as Thrikkakara Temple), situated around 15 miles northeast of Ernakulam near city Kochi, is particularly associated with the Onam celebrations in Kerala. This temple is devoted to god Vamana, the fifth personification of god Vishnu. Tale has it that Thrikkakara was the residence of excellent devil king ‘Mahabali’, who was well known and generous. His rule was regarded to be the improbable era of Kerala. However, the gods grew engaged about the King’s power and reputation. Consequently, god Vamana is said to have sent god Mahabali to the underworld with his feet, and the temple is situated at the center where this was occurred.

The Lord requested to come back to Kerala once a season to make sure that his devotees were still satisfied, well fed, and material. God Vamana granted this wish, and lord ‘Mahabali’ comes to check out his devotees and his area during Onam. The municipality also enjoys tourism season in Kerala during Onam. Much of Kerala’s custom is presented during the celebrations.

The Celebration:

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People amazingly decorate the floor at the front side of their homes with various flower decoration in wonderful styles (which is known as Pookalam) to welcome the Lord. Onam is the greatest and the most essential event of the state of Kerala. It is a kind of gravest festival and is recognized with joy and passion all over the city by individuals of all areas. According to a well-known legend, the event is recognized to welcome Lord Mahabali, whose soul is said to check out Kerala at this season of Onam. The event is also recognized with new outfits, Onam special recipes provided with bananas leaves, dancing, activities, sports, as well as boat competitions.

The Rituals Performed in the Festival:

On Atham, people begin the day with a beginning shower, wishes, and begin developing their flower decoration on the floor at the front side of their homes. The flower designs (pookalams) proceed during the 10 days up to Onam, and various companies organize pookalam contests. Wealthy social heritage of Kerala comes out in its best type and soul during the ten-day lengthy event. It is indeed a delicacy to take part in the large circus. People of Kerala make intricate arrangements have fun with it in the best possible way.

At ‘Thrikkakara’ temple, Onam celebrations in Kerala begin on Atham with a unique banner-hoisting ceremony and proceed for the 10 times with social, song, and dance performance. A highlight is the large procession, pakalpooram, on the day before Thiru Onam. The primary deity, Vamana, is taken around the temple on a giant elephant, followed by a number of caparisoned elephants. Another wonderful function of Onam is Vallamkali, the Snake Boat Competition, organized on the river Pampa. It is a nice event to look at the decorated vessel oared by thousands of boatmen among chanting of songs and cheering up by viewers.

A lot of food preparation is done during this Kerala’s traditional festival, with the emphasize being a large food feast known as Ona Sadya. It is provided on the main Onam day (Thiru Onam). The delicacies are intricate and different. Try it for yourself at one of the top resorts in Trivandrum, which have special offers for the event. On the other hand, Ona Sadya is provided everyday at ‘Thrikkakara’ temple. 10’s of many people present at this food festival.

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Every day has its own ceremonial importance, and the temple regulators execute various rituals relating to the main divinity and the other deities at the temple. The idol of lord Vamana is designed by means of one of the 10 virtual representations of personnel of god Vishnu on each of the 10 days of the Onam, Kerala’s traditional festival.

History of the Legend

Story goes that during the rule of great Asura (demon) king, Mahabali, Kerala experienced its progressive era. Everybody in the state was satisfied and flourishing and king was well known by his ethics. Apart from all his benefits, Mahabali had one drawback. He was egoistic. This weak point in Mahabali’s personality was used by Gods to carry an end to his rule as they experienced pushed by Mahabali’s increasing reputation. However, for all the good deed done by Mahabali, God provided him an advantage that he could yearly check out his devotees with whom he was so connected.

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The homecoming ceremony of Mahabali is recognized as Onam celebrations in Kerala every season. People take all initiatives to have fun with the event in a large way and make an impression on their beloved God that they are satisfied and wish him well.






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