The Role of Information Technology in Today’s Digital Marketing

Branding is not merely your company name but a perception management tool. It does not have to do with logo or the tagline rather how your audience perceives it. If they think that this particular brand is going to fulfill their needs despite the drawbacks, so be it. There is nothing you can do to turn the tide.

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That is how perception works. Brand promises to deliver and from the customer’s perspective, it is the expectation of the experience they will get out of consuming a product or service. For brands, they can meet those expectations, fall short of that expectation and may exceed them too. All depends on how highly a customer values it in his mind.

Let us look at the few reasons which make content marketing an epicenter of online branding:

1.      The rise of user-generated content

Marketers’ intent is to convince customers into buying their products. They use content to achieve this goal. Whether it is an advertising campaign, web content or video content, at the helm of it is high-quality content.

Brand awareness increases when the perceived satisfaction of the customer is realized. They talk about it by spreading the word or through word-of-mouth marketing, in addition to sharing content over social media via Twitter and Facebook. But what inspires our customers, it is when they have experienced its benefits.

2.      Content is currency

Someone rightly said so. It is trade-in against which we grab our audience’s attention. The “currency” gains weightage when others share it. The sharing activity adds credence to the “currency” as in ascertaining its authenticity; is the product or service being marketed is a mere trick to lure the audience into purchasing/availing the offer or does the content actually detail its uses and benefits?

Business owner’s task is to generate content which is worthy of a share. The research should be conducted with regards to what form of content your target audience is interested in and subsequently, a marketing strategy should be devised around that medium.

3.      ‘No Comment’ is a failure

Remember that if there is ‘no comment’ then that means you are not aware of the feedback as to what the customer is thinking. Comments in the form of feedback tell business owners if any improvements are required in whatever you have to offer. Are there are any complaints or reservations, an owner should know.

Silence is not an answer. If your Twitter or Facebook page does not entail engaging conversations that perhaps means that customers are consuming it as long as there is no alternative available. Our intent should be to create content which is talked about (through sharing). If you wish to keep mum about it that means you are missing out big on the opportunity.

Now some statistically driven points made possible by different studies:

4.      60% of Marketers Create at Least One Piece of Content Daily

Your content should be consistent. A consistent brand message will sit well with the customers and prevents confusion. Secondly, consistency means, if you post daily then you should stick by it. Don’t skip days unless you want to change and go from daily to fortnightly in producing content. If you cannot manage to develop some unique content with consistency then do not oversee or compromise over it rather chose a premium website copywriting services company to do the job for you.

If you are making the most out of website copywriting services and employing all the channels such as through a blog, designing an infographic and by creating a podcast to market your offer then your content should be in tandem with the brand image across all of them, and daily means daily.

5.      2 Million Blog Posts Are Written Every Day

Written content can only help you accomplish your goals as long as you are churning out unique content. If not, then how else would you stand out of the clutter? In an age which is ridden with blogs of every kind, learning on how to create overwhelming content in your niche can open doors to success by multiplying your ROI.

6.      The Average Word Length of Google’s Top Shared Content Is between 1,100 – 1,200 words

This is a testament to the fact that long-form content is making waves in the online arena. It is an effective method to create relevant content for your reader base as you can cover a lot of ground in that word count. Online audience has the tendency to look for information in a single place only.

They do not want to subject themselves to researching dozens of articles or browsing countless websites to extract bits of the information they desire. Instead, they prefer a one-stop content piece that addresses every aspect of the information. A long-form article will do just that.

7.      Reading Content on Mobile Outranks Time Spent on Desktop 51% to 42%

We cannot ignore the accessing of content on handheld devices as opposed to traditional desktop computers or laptops. Thus, the provision of efficient mobile friendly sites to read content is ruling the scene and those brands which are lagging behind in this arena are going to be adversely hit.

You might see now why content marketing is at the epicenter of online branding. The points above were meant to highlight its grave importance for brand promotion purposes. The list is by no means exhaustive. What do you think? Have we made correct observations?

Author Bio:

Matthew Chappell works under brand management with a leading firm. He also oversees the digital marketing landscape and can be contacted for website copywriting services. You can follow him on Twitter for the latest updates.

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