Anamudi Peak: Heaven of Natural Beauty and a Must See Place in Munnar

Anamudi peak inside Eravikulam national park is set at elevation of 6000 feet near Munnar where there is a wide extends of lavish tea farms, amazing valleys, applying hills, amazing types of plants, wildlife etc which itself converts it into Heaven of Vacationer Attractions. If you want to experience the deep silence of enormous beauty of nature, this is a must see place you should visit and doubtlessly, you won’t leave this place. It is one of this amazing spots of beautiful Munnar, which will entice you to be here again and again.

images of anamudi peak

This is the highest peak in the entire ‘Western Mountain Pass’ and in the South India at elevation of 2965 meters and thus it is adoringly resolved as the ‘Himalayan of Southern India’.

Wanna reach some places to visit in Munnar Kerala? What are you waiting for? Arrange a trip and pack your baggage.

How this peak got its name:

Anamudi in Kerala indicates ‘elephant hair’ as some hairs had been got on this peak from an elephant’s hair, thus the highest peak is known as Anamudi. This unique peak is located in the Sothern area of the Eravikulam National Park at the junction of Anamala Mountains, Palani Mountains and Cardamom hills. The Anamudi peak is in the area of Idukki, only 13 km away from the Munnar city of God’s own country Kerala

Hiking in Anamudi:

The lowlands hike starts with 2000 metres. It is one of the easiest places to visit in Munnar Kerala from the northern and the southern area. Here, you will be amazed with the natural beauty of this place. Every year, many tourists come to this place for hiking or for just reach the places to visit Munnar sightseeing. It is not recommended to go near the edges of eastern or western hikes as well as other and higher ravines, valleys, rock falls of this place. It would as well be in the best passions of Trekkers to experience the feeling of standing at the most easiest ends of the world of beauty of Anamudi to observe the plants and the wildlife in the near forest of Anamudi peak inside Eravikulam national park. One factor to be mentioned is that if you want go on feet up to the highest place in South India, you have to take the authorization from the FDAE, (Forest Division Power Eravikulam).

Wild life:

Most prominent wild life of this place includes Asian elephant, Nilgiri Langurs, Leopards, tigers, macaques. These animals can be found easily in the nearby forest of this place. If you want to get a panaromic view of the beautiful nature, this would be the place for you. You will be dazzled with the scenic beauty of Munnar city. The spectacular views of Munnar, Thekkady and the encompassing state of Tamilnadu can be experienced as you reach the high peak. The best time for visiting Munnar Mountains is November to May. Generally, tourists come to this place for hiking this period.

How to get here:

If you want to journey by air than the closest International airport is Kochi International Airport that is located just 140 km away. Ernakulum railway junction is the closest place to reach here which is also located at the range of 140 km. You can also reach this spot by street as Munnar is very well linked with the significant cities of Kerala and the stunning Anamudi is just 13 km from here.


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