6 Crowd-Pleaser Landmarks of Kochi

Kerala Kathakali Centre

Kathakali is the classical art form of the state of Kerala.  If you have ever seen a kathakali performer in action, you would know its magic. All the energy and passion of the effervescent artists is sure to rub on to you as well. The Kerala kathakali centre is completely dedicated to this art form, its growth and popularity being their prime focus.
Various traditional practises are held in this centre and frequently, making it a tourist attraction. Although the main focus is on Kathakali, other dance forms like, Mohiniattam, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi are taught and celebrated here. Not just dance, this place also encourages Carnatic classical and Hindustani classical music.
You can find short term as well as long term courses, which allow you to learn various art forms related to dance and music.
Do not forget to visit this place, as even just a visit will add colour to your trip and life.

landmarks of kochi

Santa Cruz Basilica

Located in Fort Nagar near Fort Kochi, this Basilica now serves as the Cathedral of the Diocese of Kochi. Out of the total 8 basilicas in India, this is one of them. It was built by the Portuguese in their archetypal style. You can club this place along with your visit to the Fort Kochi. You can book a bike on rent in Kochi from Wheelstreet.com in order to make your sightseeing easy and hassle free. Make sure to click some nice pictures of this remarkable edifice, during your visit.

Dutch Palace

It is also commonly known as Matancherry palace to the locals there. Another one of the constructions by Portuguese in the city. It was like a token of gift to the Raja of Cochin in 1555. The reason this palace was renamed as the Dutch Palace, was after the design structure was revamped and renovated by them, later on. This place now exhibits the portraits of Kings of Kochi, skilful murals and attracts a large number of tourists. There is a small temple, placed at the centre of the palace, which is dedicated to the goddess the Royal family of Kochi, worships.

Cherai beach

This is one flawless water body that is the centre of every tourist’s attraction in Kochi. It’s almost transparent waters and ever so clean silver sand shore, sees hundreds of tourists flocking to the place, especially during sun rise and sun set. Photography enthusiasts, trying unique ways of clicking pictures of the sea, is a very common sight here. The beach extends up to 10kms. Apart from the beach itself, there are many other places that you can visit nearby, like, The Gowreeshwara temple, Pallipuram church, Juma Masjid, The Portuguese fort and Sahadoora Bhawan. You can visit all these places along with Cherai beach, if you rent a bike in Kochi and ride on.

Jew Town

You must definitely visit the Jew town and Jew Synagogue, while you are in Kochi. Basically, a place of worship for the jews, this has a grand appearance.  The property belongs to the Cochin Jewish Community. It is very interesting to witness the various festivals and rituals that the jews perform.  Some of them are very intriguing while a few may come across as outright weird, but different all the same.

Athirapally water falls

Famously referred to as the Niagara falls of India, Athirapally falls, is situated on River Chalakudy. At a height of 24mts, this is one mighty and popular waterfall of the Western Ghats. The flora and fauna around this place, is too good to be true. Watch out for a variety of animals, insects and birds. Also, a wonderful destination for some amazing pictures. Make sure you visit the Athirapally falls while in Kochi.

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